What do I wear?
There isn’t a dress code for these sessions.  Just wear what you feel comfortable in, though jeans can be too heavy and trainers give too much grip.  Light shoes, with out too much grip, can make dancing easier.
I’ve never danced before…
Do not worry.  The whole idea is to enjoy yourself.  We will be starting from the very beginning with the dances and will recap them each week.
I haven’t got a partner.  Can I still take part?
As the dances we teach are couple dances and we do not rotate partners in the class, you will get more out of the classes if you do have a partner.  We try and match numbers so contact me and I will let you know.
How long will it take to learn to dance?
This depends on a number of factors.  Obviously some people pick it up quicker than others, also the amount of practise makes a big difference.  In addition some dances are harder than others.  However, you should be able to dance the basics of a couple of dances after completing the sessions.
Which dances do you teach in your classes?
We will be teaching a number of dances, both Ballroom and Latin in the classes.  It will depend on the dances taught in the previous group of sessions.  For further information on the dances we teach Click Here.
Do I need to bring anything?
Surprisingly, dancing is good exercise so you may wish to bring your own drink.