May ‘24

The Same but Different

We had a fantastic day dancing at the  Prospect Room on Sunday 12th May. The weather was beautiful, and of course, the venue amazing. To be able to dance at the top of such a wonderful building, with incredible views and to use the room for what it was originally intended is a real pleasure.  And so I have re-booked again for April 27th next year.

Autumn Ball

Our next dance is The Autumn Ball at the Ballroom at the City Council House, another great venue to dance at, and is on Saturday October 26th. Make sure you put it in your diary so as not to miss it.

Next Course

We are starting our new 7- week course at the beginning of June. The dances are Tango & Samba. To get us started we have a Tango Workshop at Mapperley on Sunday June 2nd. More details below.

at Mapperley

Sunday June 2nd

Beginners start at 2.00pm

Further sessions at 3.00, 4.00 and 5.00pm

Our next 7-week course 
starts in June

Beginners start at 6.45pm

Intermediates at 7.45pm

Advanced at 8.30pm

“The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion.” — Merce Cunningham